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Blog Post: 4 Positive Food Trends

I found an article in the Sunday news paper about some upcoming food trends. I love this article because it is very simple and is hopeful that our current food trends that are making Americans sick and fat are changing for the better. Here they are.

Food trends for the next 5 years signaling an end to our country’s love affair with processed foods. Heartened that this was in the Sunday paper. 4 mainstream trends that I’m happy to see gain national momentum:

1. Food that’s good for us will taste better. Restaurants and chefs are working to make nutrient dense food delicious, appealing and exciting.

2. Farm to table will trickle down. Growing support for local farmers, farmers markets and gardening will make access to better food a national movement.

3. We might see ads for broccoli. The produce association starts marketing vegetables. When people buy more fresh produce, prices go down.

4. We’ll see the end of the diet. “Can a country that has built an entire industry around dieting decide to just eat healthier all the time instead?”

Are you experiencing any of these trends in your life?