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Triathlon Coaching

Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see greater progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. During your free consultation, we'll identify what's holding you back and goals you'd like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to get you to your dreams. Learn how you will benefit by working with an experienced, qualified coach. I work with athletes of ALL ability levels locally and across the nation.

Initial Evaluation of Training History

Initial Evaluation of Training History

During your startup consultation, you'll receive an in-depth review of your training and racing history that will help identify our strategy moving forward.

Personal Goal Development

Personal Goal Development

A personal training plan ensures your goals and needs are the focal point of every session and will continue to evolve as current goals are met and new goals are set.

Train at your Ability Level

Train at your
Ability Level

Training plans are developed with your current fitness level and time availability. The focus is on implementing a plan that progresses at your individual rate of adaptation.




Premium Plus

  $147 Monthly* $347 Monthly* $497 Monthly*
Daily, Weekly, & Annual Workout Plans      
Field Testing      
Defined Intensity Training      
Progress Analysis Monthly Weekly Daily
Email Communication Monthly Weekly Unlimited
Phone, Text, and Video Chat Monthly Weekly Unlimited
TrainingPeaks Account Basic Premium Premium
Training Plan Changes & Log Review   Weekly Unlimited
Race Strategy      
Course Specific Strategy      
Movement and Technical Analysis      
Personal One on One Coaching     3/Month
*All packages begin with a start up month, receiving all the benefits of the Premium Plus package.

One on one coaching

$100 per hour


Coach Mantak's one on one personal coaching or consultation sessions allow athletes to train in specific areas (swim, bike, run, strength) on an hourly basis. This can be an ala carte addition to a current coaching package or can be a one off training or planning session. These sessions can be done in person or by video or phone call. One on one coaching can also be focused on planning, training plan assessment goal development as a consultation. To learn more about a one on one coaching session, contact Coach Mantak.

Swim Training at SwimLabs

SwimLabs Swimmer

SwimLabs, located in South Denver, is a unique facility that provides instant video feedback to transform your swimming technique. The winning combination of endless pools, underwater cameras, and innovative Dartfish software help you see exactly where your stroke excels and where it fails. As a certified SwimLabs instructor, Coach Mantak is able to provide a powerful teaching and learning environment. Click here to learn more about the SwimLabs facility.


Beginner Triathlon Coach/Trainer


As a beginner, triathlon can be a confusing and stressful sport to navigate. Having a coach to help you with the process of training, goal setting, finding races, and racing successfully leaves you time to just train and take care of your life obligations. Take the guesswork out of the process; no need to stress about the details when you're a beginner. Coach Melissa Mantak works with you and guides you every step of the way. Even if you are a beginner triathlete, your triathlon dreams and goals are within your reach. Contact Coach Mantak and complete your first triathlon today!

Cycling Coach/Trainer-Triathlon

The cycling leg of a triathlon covers the longest distance and takes the most time to complete on race day. This key leg can make or break achievement of your goals and dreams. Coach Melissa Mantak helps you understand pacing, effort, and how to race and train using power (not a requirement) at all distances. Coach Mantak teaches you how to improve your bike handling skills to increase confidence during the cycling leg of the race. Together we create a road map to your goals and dreams. Schedule a free consultation to see how Coach Mantak help you improve your triathlon cycling.


Ironman Coach/Trainer


Do you have Ironman dreams? Kona dreams? These are big goals. Completing your first Ironman does not need to consume your whole life. A great coach helps you balance training with family, work and other life obligations. Arrive on race day confident in your abilities to complete or compete at an Ironman. Tana Setness Hoefs recently completed her first Ironman. Here's what she said soon after she finished: "You trained and tapered me perfectly Melissa. I'm really happy with how the race went!" Get results like this for your ironman, and schedule a consultation with Coach Mantak today!

Affordable Triathlon Coaching

Coach Mantak offers high quality, affordable coaching. Because she's passionate about helping triathletes achieve their goals and dreams. Melissa Mantak offers 3 levels of coaching services. All coaching options are original, custom programs- no templates involved. She coaches all her athletes as "elites." Coach Mantak provides expert guidance and individual attention at a low cost for athletes. Schedule a free consultation to see if triathlon coaching is within your budget. You've got absolutely nothing to lose!


Triathlon Swim Coach


Although the swim is the shortest distance in a tri, it can be the most challenging and create the most anxiety for triathletes. With countless hours training and many years of experience as both competitor and coach, Melissa Mantak gives you the best swim training techniques. Stroke analysis and technique corrections are key to improving your strength, speed and endurance. Don't just survive in the water, thrive! Contact Coach Mantak and we'll get you swimming stronger in no time!

Triathlon Coaching Online

Searching for a high quality coach, but not finding any in your area? Melissa Mantak brings 15 years experience coaching athletes online. All athletes get a Premium Training Peaks account. Through video analysis and unlimited communication, athletes in all geographic areas can have access to Coach Mantak's proven coaching techniques. Sign up with Coach Mantak's online triathlon coaching program and get inspired to achieve your goals and dreams in your area!


Coach Mentoring

$497 per month

This program is designed for current or aspiring professionals who want to run their own business as an athletic coach backed by Coach Mantak's 30+ years of experience as a triathlete, a coach, and an entrepreneur. All programs are custom tailored to each coach so you can expect to learn vital information about growing and retaining your customer base, coaching strategy, charging the income you deserve, and ultimately earning a steady income from your own coaching business. Whether you're just getting started or need help regaining momentum, contact Coach Mantak for a free consultation.

Available Services
  • Start up interview and assessment
  • Evaluation of current state of your coaching needs
  • Individual goal development and pace of progression
  • Custom mentoring based on your needs, strengths and weaknesses
  • Unlimited communication by phone, text, email
  • Weekly video or phone calls
  • Business development and philosophy
  • Marketing your triathlon coaching business
  • Social media campaigns
  • Delivering training plans
  • Training program and plan development
  • Growing a financially viable business
  • Pricing and packing your programs
  • Partner and affiliate programs
  • Sample forms and contracts
  • How to coach elite athletes
  • Starting a group or club program
  • Using technology in your coaching business
  • Skills assessment sessions for swim, bike and run
  • Developing an annual training plan
  • Setting up business liability insurance
  • Coach website review

...I have qualified for 13 Team USA slots, 4 USAT All-American honors, and have finished in the Top 25% of my age group at ITU Worlds three years in a row. The difference has been my coaching relationship with Melissa Mantak. I can highly recommend her coaching services for anyone looking to significantly improve their results! Neal McLaughlin