The Empowered Athlete

Former World Champion and USAT National Development Coach Melissa Mantak can help you achieve your greatest potential as an athlete

Yes, those are huge credentials! Based on all of her years of experience and expertise, yes, she can help you too! Coach Melissa empowers the athlete in you by inspiring greater levels of health, fitness, awareness and performance.  Whether you are just starting a fitness program, a beginner wanting to explore competing or you are professional athlete trying to move up the ranks nationally or internationally, everyone needs a great coach to help them achieve and exceed their goals and dreams.

Specializing in all aspects of triathlon training, Melissa can help you move to the next level in running, swimming and biking using her proven techniques.  We coach individual sessions and group run, swim and bike clinics in the Denver, Colorado area. Coach Melissa creates and implements custom triathlon, general fitness, strength, nutrition and fat burning/weight loss workout plans for sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman – any distance or endurance competition; well rounded schedules for year round fitness and competitive excellence.

Through a combination of structure and motivation, Melissa and her team can help you move to the next level of training and racing. That means taking the time to get to know you personally, to train the whole person – the whole athlete. Coach Melissa takes great care in helping you juggle work, family and social commitments with the need and desire to get and keep your body healthy and strong.